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  • Ski descent from the loft in the garden Wild & Crazy


    This not particularly extreme looking man has built a new kind of ski jump. His goes from the attic in the barn to the roof of the house and off onto the snow below. Were guessing the flags at half ...

  • Synchronized Parachuting Accident Wild & Crazy


    This sort of synchronized parachuting is apparently one of the most dangerous in the sport. Its also one of the most spectacular. In the middle of a stunt, the canopy of one parachute gets tangled wi...

  • Fall of an acrobat performing in a circu... Wild & Crazy


    Accidents happen just often enough in the circus to keep the really macabre audience members coming back again and again. The acrobat fails to land where she was supposed to. She falls and is caught b...

  • A demonic motorcycle with a mind of its ... Wild & Crazy


    One of the local bikers decided to show off his riding ability. While doing a difficult trick he flew off the cycle. The bike continued going, much like a chicken without its head. Most onlookers were...

  • Stunt man blows up Wild & Crazy


    Most stuntmen dont consider car tricks all that dangerous. People have been filming car chases and other stunts for almost a century and have figured out most of the kinks. After the explosion, the c...

  • Circus bear loses control Wild & Crazy


    Before performing circus tricks with live animals in front of an audience, the tricks must be vetted by a special circus committee. Its pretty certain these performers and their bear from the Kazan c...

  • Motorcyclist Wild & Crazy


    A motocross race in a Moscow suburb. Extreme sports often force competitors to take extreme risks and motocross is certainly no exception! During a jump, the driver loses control and flies off the bi...

  • A young man riding on the roof of trolle... Outrageous & Hilarious


    And while were talking about what not to do with trolleybuses heres a half naked wingnut jumping around on top of a bus protected by nothing but a very loose fitting sheet. This ones a member of ...

  • Fan of Jackie Chan Outrageous & Hilarious


    And while were talking about judgment, its not a terrible idea to learn the basics of any new activity. Barring that, a cups never a bad idea.

  • Kid playing baseball Outrageous & Hilarious


    And here we see that either juniors got great placement, or dads got terrible luck!

  • A man lost his pants Outrageous & Hilarious


    Uh oh, dads got himself stuck trying to get up to the tree fort again. I believe we said Shorties, not briefs!

  • Rugby player lost his pants Outrageous & Hilarious


    And even if youre not a Rugby expert its pretty safe to assume that ripping pants off is some kinda foul.

  • No pants in the water Outrageous & Hilarious


    Here too, you can almost hear this swinger saying A belt a belt, my kingdom for a belt!

  • New sport "Zipline" Outrageous & Hilarious


    Ziplines are great fun, theyre a safe adrenaline kick, and well, like a lot of the other sports weve seen today, they too can take your pants off in a heartbeat if youre not paying attention!

  • The fall in the water without pants Outrageous & Hilarious


    This guys so close to getting across, then its just his pants. Hey, more red undies folks! Well, pink!

  • The ropes were broken in the ring Outrageous & Hilarious


    Now weve all seen boxers flatten their opponents, but never someone flattening their opponent and the ropes as well.

  • Santa fell off the chair Outrageous & Hilarious


    Ah, Christmas in Russia! Hey I had a dream once about a scary game of musical chairs with a huge ghoulish Santa Claus. Who knew there was tape rolling? I think Santas been dipping into the Egg Nog!

  • Bathed in chocolate Outrageous & Hilarious


    And if we leave you with nothing else today, then remember, Life's more fun when it's Outrageous and Hilarious, and, ideally caught on tape. Even more so if someone ends up totally covered in gooey gl...

  • The groom drinks from his wife's shoes Outrageous & Hilarious


    And speaking of weddings the wedding toast is a great responsibility. Here, the groom wants to drink to his bride, and why not? But why beer? And then again, why the shoe? If his bride were Cinderella...

  • Balloon burst a guy's face Outrageous & Hilarious


    The wedding with embarrassing incident. Here, someone has come up with a balloon inflating contest to entertain the guests! One of the balloons blows up right in this guys face! Well he may have lost...

  • Skiing on the grass Outrageous & Hilarious


    So we move from waterskiing in winter to snow skiing in late late spring. Without snow. Or a clue, as it turns out.

  • The whole truth about the crocodile bite The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The following happened during a performance on a crocodile farm in Thailand. At first this show went according to the script. The trainer lifted a crocodile and carried it around in a circle. Then sev...

  • Crash at air show claims the lives of hu... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The city of Lvov, July 27, 2002. The military airfield Sknylov was crowded with people who came to see an air show with military aircraft. Though, in seconds the show turned into a terrible massacre f...

  • Who is faster to drink 10 liters of juic... Survival of The Dumbest


    There are many different kinds of wagers, or bets out there, but naturally were only interested in the idiotic ones. Such asThis guy whos bet his friends that he can drink ten liters of juice withi...

  • Incidents from the Russian circus Wild & Crazy


    A recent survey claims that most spectators come to these things simply to see the bloopers. Every tenth audience member watches acrobats in hope that they will fall during the performance. And they c...

  • A young man bought a new pool cue and de... Wild & Crazy


    Here we have some amateur footage. Basically, a young man bought a new pool cue and decided to see what it was made of. Remember: dangerous stunts with a large stick-like implements usually end up a l...

  • About harm of smoking Wild & Crazy


    This video montage can be seen as a public service announcement to convince people to quit smoking. In reality, it's just some friends tricking each other by putting firecrackers in the smokes. A bit...

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