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  • Suicide Bridge Wild & Crazy


    Lately, local residents have started calling the Crimean Bridge in Moscow the Suicide Bridge. However, rangers couldnt stop this disturbed fellow from jumping, but - miraculously - paramedics were ...

  • A day at the camel races Wild & Crazy


    How about a camel race? Despite their huge humps and awkward appearance, camels can be surprisingly fast. But, unlike horses, they are extremely cranky and will rarely miss a chance to throw off their...

  • A very drunk St. Petersburg man was on h... Wild & Crazy


    Man decided to take a short-cut across the frozen Neva river. Its late winter. And hes no pixie. So on his way across the river, he stepped on some melting ice and went through. And nearly entirely u...

  • Suicide Wild & Crazy


    Yekaterinburg. A depressed young man was discovered sitting on the edge of a roof for about an hour. Despite rescuers best efforts, he stubbornly refuses to engage them in a dialogue and keeps his si...

  • When circus stunts go wrong Wild & Crazy


    Here we have a troupe of circus performers about to practice a difficult stunt before attempting it in front of a live audience. Two performers arrive on stilts and go to take their marks. Their fello...

  • Motorcyclist Wild & Crazy


    A motocross race in a Moscow suburb. Extreme sports often force competitors to take extreme risks and motocross is certainly no exception! During a jump, the driver loses control and flies off the bi...

  • Tragic death of a bull fighter The Most Shocking Videos-1


    These unique shots were filmed during a Spanish bullfight. Here you can see that bullfighter is getting ready to fight. In a second, the bull will be released and the fight will begin. Suddenly, somet...

  • Mountain horse falls on her rider The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Alexey Volobaev, a businessman from Moscow, is an avid traveler.Not long ago, he set out on a journey through Argentina. Here hes on an Argentinean Mountain Horse going almost straight up the muddy h...

  • Circus horse falls on the actress on his... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    During the opening of a theater festival in Moscow, one of the equine actors decides to go off script, with serious consequences. The Circus Horse is led on stage. All of a sudden, he rears and falls ...

  • Fire in SberBank in Vladivostok The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Vladivostok. January 2006. A nine-floor office building. The last three floors are occupied by the Sberbank. At about 12 o'clock a fire started between the sixth and seventh floors. There was no alarm...

  • Forget about horse power! Wild & Crazy


    A young man tried to start his engine with the help of a little man power. Take a look! He stumbles on the slippery clay and the car drags him down.

  • What people will do to avoid paying the ... Wild & Crazy


    It's amazing what people will do to avoid paying the fare. After getting heavily intoxicated, this guy climbed up on the trolleybus ladder. Such stunts are extremely risky, especially when you're eigh...

  • A young man bought a new pool cue and de... Wild & Crazy


    Here we have some amateur footage. Basically, a young man bought a new pool cue and decided to see what it was made of. Remember: dangerous stunts with a large stick-like implements usually end up a l...

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