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  • Weddings Wild & Crazy


  • The young man's head stuck in a slot mac... Outrageous & Hilarious


    One night,the Moscow emergency service received an odd call. A young man – somehow – had gotten his head stuck in a gambling machine. You know,he’d really gotten into the game. Curious to see what was...

  • The patient fell out of the ambulance Outrageous & Hilarious


    And now another very proud moment. In the middle of a tunnel, a patient falls out of the back of a moving ambulance. And really,who hasn’t been there? Somehow, the ambulance crew doesn’t seem to notic...

  • Errors in the ballet Outrageous & Hilarious


    Here this male dancer is probably wishing he’d had something a little more substantial for breakfast! No I got ya!

  • Funny fall at the ballet part 3 Outrageous & Hilarious


    And jump… and turn… and jump and slide! And grace and poise and sit down! Oh by the way be careful, we just washed and waxed the floor.

  • Decoration falls on the lead news Outrageous & Hilarious


    It’s hard being a live TV news-caster. “And lose the glasses!”

  • Skiing in a bath in the snow Outrageous & Hilarious


    Here a group calling themselves “Silly People,” have found a cheap way to practice the bobsled… and perform some demolition work at the same time!

  • Naked bearded man sitting on a tree in t... Outrageous & Hilarious


    One spring day,some Moscow shop employees noticed a naked bearded man hiding in the trees,thus giving new meaning to the term “urban jungle.” When the rescue crew arrived,they decided to use a jet of ...

  • A young man riding on the roof of trolle... Outrageous & Hilarious


    And while we’re talking about what not to do with trolleybuses – here’s a half naked wingnut jumping around on top of a bus protected by nothing but a very loose fitting sheet. This one’s a member of ...

  • Fall in the circus Outrageous & Hilarious


    When you go to the circus, the performance is almost always flawless. Well, here’s some footage that shows several of the painful goofs and gaffes that happen during rehearsal.

  • Curiosity during a performance at the Bo... Outrageous & Hilarious


    For years, Russian ballet has set the standard for the rest of the world. But even the exemplary Bolshoi theater has had their share of some very funny incidents. In a live performance, no one is ever...

  • The dancer fell on stage Outrageous & Hilarious


    Even a top dancer, after twirl after twirl after twirl after twirl, can start feeling a little dizzy. Watch how he gets through all of the hard part, and then has the toughest time getting himself off...

  • Funny fall at the ballet Outrageous & Hilarious


    And now we present more falls of every kind. Clearly balance is often a fickle friend. Mind the banana peel. Both on the stag…and in the rehearsal studio…

  • The ballerina costume falls Outrageous & Hilarious


    Sometimes it is not a dancer that falls down, but the dancer’s costume. You can’t not feel for this girl! Talk about embarrassing!

  • Funny fall at the ballet part 2 Outrageous & Hilarious


    And look here, there’s so much gravity in this rehearsal studio that she can’t get off the floor and well, he’s about to join her! Careful, that coat’s a killer!

  • Man falls into the orchestra pit Outrageous & Hilarious


    At a celebration at a famous Moscow theater, a presenter and an enormous gift basket take an unplanned trip. Watch out for that first gaping hole, it’s a doozy!

  • VIP guest are falling from the platform Outrageous & Hilarious


    In the middle of a tribute to a famous Russian writer, the stand filled with VIP guests collapses. Apparently, the festival organizers had saved a little money on nails…

  • Drop soffit Outrageous & Hilarious


    “And hit the sailor guy with that spotlight!” Next on when TV props attack!

  • Mayor of Moscow fell off his chair Outrageous & Hilarious


    Here, the mayor of Moscow’s thinking “I wonder how far I can sit back without falling down. Well, now I know!

  • The fall of the bell Outrageous & Hilarious


    And while we’re on the topic of things falling down…if you guessed the bell. Well, two points for you.

  • TV misadventure Outrageous & Hilarious


    And here are some other TV taping misadventures. More of when TV props attack!

  • Curious on the set of TV show Outrageous & Hilarious


    And now we dance. Here’s a little number and it goes like thiiiiis! Careful, that desk’s not as solid as it looks! And... fall apart!

  • A man falls in pool Outrageous & Hilarious


    And how ‘bout a nice drink by the pool. Make that IN the pool!

  • Snowball in the face Outrageous & Hilarious


    Your guess is as good as ours on this one. It’s either a bonfire or a witch burning. With snowballs.

  • Bride falls from hill Outrageous & Hilarious


    To a long trot down broken bride hill! Watch out, those last fifty or so steps are a doozy!

  • Car-sledding misadventure Outrageous & Hilarious


    And here are some more car-sledding misadventures. Oh yeah, watch out for the big pile of sand in the middle of the road!

  • Upside down from the mountain on a sled Outrageous & Hilarious


    And just to show you that grownups aren’t the only ones with bad judgment, we have these two somersaulting young sledders.

  • Sleighing for a car Outrageous & Hilarious


    And, in more or less the same category, we have this brave if foolhardy soul who attaches himself to a car with a cable and goes powersledding. Into a little old lady walking down the street. A partic...

  • A fall from a snowmobile Outrageous & Hilarious


    And these two, despite a decrepit old snowmobile, subzero temperatures and a lot of alcohol running through their bloodstream, decide to brave life and limb for, um, well,just for the fun of it. Unfor...

  • Mountain biking in the winter Outrageous & Hilarious


    And season, shmeason! These bikers aren’t going to let a little thing like winter get in the way of their extreme biking! Turns out a bruise is a bruise, no matter what the season!

  • Wedding curiosities Outrageous & Hilarious


    And your guess is as good as mine here, with the bride, her matron of honor and her several “groomsmaids!” And whoopsie! And make that another whoopsie! That’s gonna leave a mark! It’s that infectious...

  • Keyboardist fell asleep at the wedding Outrageous & Hilarious


    Everybody’s dancing and having a good time and the keyboardist in this wedding band is pulling off the wedding band hat-trick: he can play, sing, and take a nap all pretty much at the same time. Now ...

  • Ridiculous fall at a wedding Outrageous & Hilarious


    And now we have some more funny,silly,or absurd wedding moments. They were all shot in different cities at different times,but you’ll see they have a common thread.

  • A man can not open the champagne Outrageous & Hilarious


    And here’s yet another way NOT to open a bottle of champagne. You know, with the trouble people have opening these things, it’s amazing anyone ever gets a drink at these weddings.

  • A man falls off the table Outrageous & Hilarious


    …And sometimes… if you really want to be heard — rambling incoherently — get up on a table! Just don’t overstay your welcome up there. You never know what might happen. Alright, who are we kidding, we...

  • Mother in law dropping in the mud Outrageous & Hilarious


    One odd tradition has it that a groom is supposed to drop his future mother-in-law in dirt. Then the marriage will be long and happy. Here the mother of the bride is dressed in her best funeral wear, ...

  • A man pours champagne Outrageous & Hilarious


    Champagne is a capricious little wine. Sometimes it seems like there’s a small genie hiding in each bottle. A genie that will rarely miss a chance to spill on someone…

  • Helicopter crash The Most Shocking Videos-1


    During an air show near St. Petersburg, Russia, a pilot is putting his helicopter through its paces. Captivated, the air show audience is completely unaware of what’s about to happen.The pilot miscalc...

  • Plane crash in Dubai The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This catastrophe took place in Dubai. An Il-86 carrying Russian tourists prepares for landing. The only slight problem is that the pilots have, um, forgotten to deploy the landing gear! This one too w...

  • The Last Flight of Russian aircraft The Most Shocking Videos-1


    It’s a calm Saturday afternoon. We’re at aviation festival near Samara. The pilot flying the prototype is the famous Russian aircraft designer Igor Vakhrushev. What no one knows, however, is that this...

  • "Atypical situation" in Air Show in Swed... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    We call it a catastrophe. This took place in Stockholm. A Sweden Air Force fighter pilot crashed in a residential district. As a result, some of the local civilians on the ground were killed. Sadly, m...

  • Flight of the Batman on the roof The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Perhaps this St. Petersburg teenager’s life just wasn’t as wrought with danger and excitement as it could’ve been. Well, for whatever reason, he’s hatched a brilliant scheme to fly from one roof to an...

  • Bear charges at a journalist The Most Shocking Videos-1


    A reporter from Samara TV is assigned to cover a story on bears in the traveling circus. She decides to give her report while standing next to a bear. As you can see, the animal starts out rather frie...

  • Tragic death of a bull fighter The Most Shocking Videos-1


    These unique shots were filmed during a Spanish bullfight. Here you can see that bullfighter is getting ready to fight. In a second, the bull will be released and the fight will begin. Suddenly, somet...

  • Mountain horse falls on her rider The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Alexey Volobaev, a businessman from Moscow, is an avid traveler.Not long ago, he set out on a journey through Argentina. Here he’s on an Argentinean Mountain Horse going almost straight up the muddy h...

  • Circus horse falls on the actress on his... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    During the opening of a theater festival in Moscow, one of the equine actors decides to go off script, with serious consequences. The Circus Horse is led on stage. All of a sudden, he rears and falls ...

  • The crocodile plays with cat The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This footage is about friendship between crocodile and cat.

  • Extreme Cycle The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Sasha is an Extreme sports program host who likes to try everything herself. This can get her into trouble sometimes. For example:Sasha decided to take a ride on a bicycle attached to a motorcycle. So...

  • Girl on a parachute crashes into boat The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The motorboat accelerates quickly, and the parachute and the girl shoot upwards. A strong downdraft pushes her down, pressing the parachute towards the water. Unfortunately, at about this time, a boat...

  • Incredible jump from a TV tower The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This incredible accident took place on July 1st, 2004 at the 3rd International BASE Jumping Festiva in Moscow. BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth where jumpers jump off fixed str...

  • Motorcycle crash The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The scene is a motocross race in a suburb just outside of Moscow. Hills and other special obstacles have been created for the racers.This driver got a tough break – literally - during the jump. From a...

  • The accident on the snow race The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This race was going full tilt when one of the cars rolled over. Despite the accident, the race continued. Within seconds, an opponent’s car crashed into the rolled-over wreck. Followed by another cras...

  • Unbelievable crash during a wedding The Most Shocking Videos-1


    You’ve heard of the tradition of carrying your new bride over the threshold. Well, for whatever reason this groom has decided to carry his new bride from the wedding to the threshold. On the highway. ...

  • Car runs into an old lady The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This rather remarkable footage was sent to us from Chelyabinsk, Russia. A car driving at a pretty good clip runs right into an elderly lady. She bounces off the hood like a basketball! Incredibly, the...

  • A man jumped under the wheels of the car The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This footage was shot in the center of Moscow near midnight one night. The security camera is on all the time.Turns out that’s a very lucky thing for the driver of this car. Suddenly, a suicidal man t...

  • Accident in Moscow because of icy condit... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This incident happened in Moscow last winter. The ice on the slope was so slippery that even snow tires were absolutely useless. 10 cars were damaged. Fortunately, none of the drivers were not serious...

  • Race car crashes into the public The Most Shocking Videos-1


    In this case a race is nearly finished. With just 4 minutes left and totally without warning things are about to get a lot more interesting. While turning, one of the cars spins out of control and end...

  • Garbage truck crashed into a parked car The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Apparently, anything can happen in Moscow! Here, either a garbage man really needed to park, and quickly, or the steering wheel of his garbage truck got stuck. Either way, as a result the truck runs i...

  • The truck overturned with a grain The Most Shocking Videos-1


    If you’re like us, you probably don’t see nearly enough grain truck accidents. Well, thankfully, that’s about to change. This unlucky grain truck drives up a ramp to discharge its payload. Who could i...

  • Car stuntman's fell on his head operator The Most Shocking Videos-1


    What you’re about to see is rare footage! A car attempts a jump from a spring-board called “the goat”. So the car hits the springboard and is launched into the air as the truck explodes. Somehow, now ...

  • The robber stuck in a ventilation shaft The Most Shocking Videos-1


    At midnight, the inhabitants of a Moscow apartment building were woken up by strange sounds. A rescue team was trying to remove a man stuck in a ventilation shaft. It took them nearly an hour and a ha...

  • Two workers fell into the hot bitumen The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This accident took place in an oil refinery near Novosibirsk, Russia. Two workers fell into a tank filled with hot bitumen and began to sink. Bitumen is a viscous substance produced from oil. It’s so ...

  • Suicide attempt The Most Shocking Videos-1


    In one of the outskirts of Moscow, terrified residents witness their neighbor attempting to commit suicide. They immediately call for help. Check out this dramatic rescue. The poor guy is either still...

  • Old Woman Gets Her Hand Stuck in a Toile... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Turns out, this one’s no exception. This elderly woman never imagined she’d find herself in such a, let’s say, ‘delicate’ situation. Her story began innocently enough: she decided to clean her toilet....

  • The man drops the rod The Most Shocking Videos-1


    All sports can be dangerous for some, at some point. Take a look at what’s about to happen. Just so you know, he is attempting to lift about 180 kilograms, or nearly 400 pounds. I think it goes withou...

  • Brawl of football fans The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The soccer match began at 4 p.m. between CSKA and Saturn. A few minutes later, fans started throwing fireworks and torn-out seats onto the field. The problem was caused by almost 6,000 aggressive CSKA...

  • Kayakers overturned The Most Shocking Videos-1


    A group of kayakers set out to conquer a hazardous stretch of river in Karelia. The rapids turned out to be extremely treacherous and, on this day, nearly lethal. The boat rolled over and the brave pa...

  • The girl fell from a horse The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This accident took place at a horseriding competition in Saratov. A young woman falls off her horse, getting her leg caught in the stirrup. The horse dragged her for over 100 meters or about 300 feet.

  • Bridge collapsed into the river The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Celebration often calls for some champagne! Unfortunately, after a glass or two, it’s often difficult to know whether the bridge is swinging or if it’s just your head spinning. Here, several graduates...

  • Funny incidents The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Sled follows a car, pushes a “Volga”, man falls from a rocking-chair, sits on a fire, mom and child jump on a bridge. And now for something that’s not too shocking, but very funny.

  • Fall from a horse The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Serious horseback riders take their fair share of falls. Usually, this happens most often when the horse jumps over hurdles. There’s even an unwritten rule in some horsey circles that if you fall off ...

  • Competition from firefighters The Most Shocking Videos-1


    These men are exhausted. During a fire-fighting contest, they were worn out, but continued to fight on. Lord help the people in these guy’s district if there’s ever a REAL emergency. Well, now you kno...

  • Children's games for adults The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Finally, always remember. All adults have little kids in them. Even if something in our program was too shocking, don’t take anything too seriously.

  • The whole truth about the crocodile bite The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The following happened during a performance on a crocodile farm in Thailand. At first this show went according to the script. The trainer lifted a crocodile and carried it around in a circle. Then sev...

  • Desperate guys from Angarsk The Most Shocking Videos-1


    These daredevil guys from Angarsk call their team The Drink Riders. Each winter they take skis and snowboards and perform stunts few self-respecting professional freestylers would dare to repeat. Desp...

  • Suicide on a Roof The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Yekaterinburg. A young, clearly suicidal, man is sitting on the edge of a roof for a full hour. Keeping silent, he ignores rescuers’ pleas and arguments. He seems to have made his ultimate decision. B...

  • Scary incident in an aquatic park The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This regrettable episode happened in a Water park in Spain. A routine bungee jump nearly turned out to be this woman’s last. During the bounce, the elastic cord mysteriously wound around her neck and ...

  • Girl falls in competitions, breaking bot... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The Far East. Khabarovsk. A Regional running competition. All of a sudden one of the runners stumbles and falls.The referees run up to help her. Turns out that she freakishly broke both arms. Looking ...

  • Extreme amusements The Most Shocking Videos-1


    A group of guys from St. Petersburg have a thing for danger. Calling themselves the “Gloom Team,” they amuse themselves by performing risky fire stunts and generally acting like. Well, like really bad...

  • Russian wedding festivities The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Anything can happen at the peak of a party! Especially if it’s a real Russian wedding.

  • Fire in SberBank in Vladivostok The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Vladivostok. January 2006. A nine-floor office building. The last three floors are occupied by the Sberbank. At about 12 o'clock a fire started between the sixth and seventh floors. There was no alarm...

  • A fire in Ostankino TV tower The Most Shocking Videos-2


    27 August 2000. At 15:08 in the control center if the Metropolitan Fire Service a message arrives about a fire in the antenna part of the Ostankino TV tower. 10 minutes later the firemen are on the sc...

  • Norwegian ship caught in a storm The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The Norwegian fishing vessel Kadima was hit by an 8 magnitude storm in the Atlantic Ocean and did not survive. Water quickly started to fill up the holds, and the ship quickly started to sink, giving ...

  • Sinking of the ferryboat "Estonia" The Most Shocking Videos-2


    September 27, 1994. The Ferryboat "Estonia" was sailing on its usual route - from Tallinn to Stockholm. On board were more than one thousand people. That night there was a storm on the Baltic Sea. A s...

  • Burning yacht off the coast of Greece The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Fires are the second biggest cause, after storms, of shipping disasters. Ships, being complex and formidable mechanisms are often not upgraded for decades. Usually only when something gets broken, as ...

  • Building explosions on Kashirke street The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In September 1999, in Moscow there were a number of horrific attacks. An explosion of building Number 6/3 on Kashira Highway on September 13, at 5 a.m. in the morning. This time no one doubted that th...

  • Terrorism in Moscow subway The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Moscow. August 8, 2000. The underground crossing in the metro Pushkinskaya subway station. People were coming back home from work. The time was two minutes before six. At this moment an explosion went...

  • Car accident in Florida The Most Shocking Videos-2


    January 10, 2008, the largest highway in The U.S. was blocked with an unprecedented traffic accident. Early in the morning, more than 200 machines ran into each other on the highway in the state of Fl...

  • Car accident in Maryland The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Nearly one hundred vehicles collided on a highway in the western part of the sate of Maryland, in the U.S.A.As a result, two people were killed, 80 suffered injuries of various severity. Cars and truc...

  • Car accident in Venezuela The Most Shocking Videos-2


    On a Sunday morning in April on a highway near the city of Barcelona, in the province of Anzo?tegui, in the north-east of Venezuela, there was yet a terrible road accident with loss of life.

  • Car accident in Canada The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The accident happened on Thursday on the main highway between Toronto and Montreal. Heavy snowfall had reduced visibility to 300 meters. Due to the ice, a trailer truck jackknifed and blocked the way....

  • Oil spill in the Kerch The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The Strait of Kerch. It connects the Azov and the Black Seas. On November 11, 2007 near the Russian port of "Kavkaz" there were fifty nine vessels. A third of them oil tankers. That day the Strait of ...

  • Burning oil in Bashkortostan The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In Russia, the oil pipeline situation is getting worse. Oil, somewhere or other, is always leaking from old pipes, poisoning the land and water. Bashkiria is no exception. Repairs were underway on a p...

  • Landslides in Mexico The Most Shocking Videos-2


    October 1999. For almost a week a cyclone raged in Mexico, spawning storms which caused huge downpours. The amount of rainfall that week was several times higher than the annual norm. Dozens of small ...

  • Forest fires in Australia The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In 2001, the majority of Australians were not been able to properly celebrate their Christmas holidays. The south of the country was covered by fire. About 5 thousand firefighters were battling the bl...

  • Environmental disaster in Romania The Most Shocking Videos-2


    January 2000. At a gold mine, located in Romania, there was the largest mining environmental disaster in the history of Europe. Into the Danube and Tisa Rivers about 100 thousand tons of industrial wa...

  • Crach of tanker The Most Shocking Videos-2


    On March 24, 1989 the ""Exxon Valdiz"" oil tanker crashed. The vessel went off course and smashed into a reef. The resulting holes in the shipped caused 50 thousand tons of oil to spill into the water...

  • Mass poisoning caused by derailment of a... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    A freight train was moving through the Ozhigov Station in Lvov Region. In its tanks there was poisonous substance - yellow phosphorus. At 16:55 15 tanks, weighing 50 tons each were derailed and turned...

  • Train wreck in India The Most Shocking Videos-2


    September 2002. The wreck of a passenger train in India. The most terrible accident in the history of the country.More than a hundred people died. The tragedy occurred in the eastern state of Bihar, n...

  • An accident at the railway tracks in Fr... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    South-east France. June 2008. An accident at the railway tracks near the town Massongy in the Haute Saone Department. It happened at the 4 p.m. The School Bus was carrying students from the city of Ma...

  • Two trains collided The Most Shocking Videos-2


    May 28, 2008. Outskirts of Boston. Evening. Rush Hour. Near Newton Station, two commuter trains collided head on. Despite the crash and the fire that broke, there were no fatalities. Most passengers e...

  • Crash at air show claims the lives of hu... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The city of Lvov, July 27, 2002. The military airfield Sknylov was crowded with people who came to see an air show with military aircraft. Though, in seconds the show turned into a terrible massacre f...

  • Plane crash in Irkutsk airport The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Morning of July 9, 2006. Sunday. Airbus À-310 flight 778 from Moscow lands at the airport of the city of Irkutsk.Suddenly the liner started to speed up. The runway ended and the À-310 jumped out onto ...

  • Building explosions on Guryanov Street The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In September 1999, in Moscow there were a number of horrific attacks. September 8, at 00:10 a.m. the duty officer at EMERCOM received information about an explosion and fire in a residential building ...

  • The Descent of mudflows in Abrau Durso The Most Shocking Videos-2


    August 6, 2002. The Black Sea coast is hit by heavy rains. In the first few hours the rainfall was equivalent to a 2 month norm. The rains continued for several days. 7.Powerful mudflows started movin...

  • The walking home Survival of The Dumbest


    A man claimed to be walking home from the library, deep in thought, when he smashed his head into a road sign. He staggered a moment, grabbed the sign for support and promptly fell, with it, into the ...

  • A young man stabbed a fence Survival of The Dumbest


    This story features a young man walking down the street after a five day bender. He was sipping on a can of vodka & lemon, perhaps trying to remember how the previous day had ended.

  • Freak accident Survival of The Dumbest


    Apparently this paragon of good judgment saw some change in a garbage can, stuck his head in there for reasons unknown, and got his head stuck in the trash can top. He seems to be saying that he wante...

  • Hand in washing machine Survival of The Dumbest


    This neat-freak of a woman has gotten her hand stuck inside a washing machine. Obsessed with keeping things clean, she wanted to thoroughly wash the insides of her machine. Anyway, she got her hand ho...

  • Head in garbage truck Survival of The Dumbest


    An experienced garbage truck driver was about to go home after his shift ended, but before he did, he decided to check one of the truck’s hydraulic systems. Everything looked good, but the garbage man...

  • Woman's hand under the hood of a car Survival of The Dumbest


    One Sunday morning, a young husband and wife decided to visit the wife’s parents, but the car started acting up. The husband asked his wife to help, since her hand was smaller than his. Well, her hand...

  • Finger in garbage chute Survival of The Dumbest


    In this glamorous high-rise apartment building, this fetching young minx was taking out the garbage when her finger got caught, and at that very moment, the steel lid of the garbage chute decided to s...

  • A wannabe plumber Survival of The Dumbest


    Here a wannabe plumber had nearly completed the installation of a new toilet; but when the work was almost done, he somehow managed to get his hand stuck between the pipe and the wall. How he was able...

  • Paratroopers make a splash Survival of The Dumbest


    And now it’s time for “Paratroopers gone wild.” Paratrooper day’s a lot like fleet week wrapped into just one day. They play, they drink, they pass out. And thus ends our little piece about Paratroope...

  • More victims of their own stupidity Survival of The Dumbest


    A young man decided to impress his girlfriend. So far, so good. He hatched a plan to climb the tallest structure in town and once on top, loudly declare his love for the girl to the entire village. Af...

  • Woman's head was stuck between the bars Survival of The Dumbest


    A woman in a fetching purple track suit tried to climb over a fence at a railway station in order to get onto a commuter train without paying her fare. She done this several times before but today, so...

  • Girl stuck in the attic between the bars Survival of The Dumbest


    So the girls decided to bring up a picnic feast on the attic landing of an apartment building. And if you know your Winnie the Pooh, you’ll know what happened next! These slim girls managed to eat and...

  • Foot stuck in the window bars Survival of The Dumbest


    A young man called the Rescue Service and reported that he’d somehow managed to get his foot stuck in a window railing. It happened when he was helping his friend climb up to a girl’s balcony.

  • Dissatisfied with the rescued women Survival of The Dumbest


    Some victims of their own stupidity don’t always appreciate the help they receive. For example, behind this apartment door is a young woman who happens to be chained to a table, and feels compelled to...

  • Police found a bomb in a pond Survival of The Dumbest


    The third star of this story is this vintage World War 2 era bomb that they brought to the riverbank to do some wholesale fishing with. Happily, they were discovered and fled the scene before they cou...

  • A man can not get from a telephone booth Survival of The Dumbest


    A boy wanted to call a girl from another city and tell her how much he loved her. They’d met previously during several summer vacations. He went in to a small telephone booth to call her, and closed t...

  • Crazy extremals Survival of The Dumbest


    And here’s another way to get an adrenaline rush. It too is very dangerous, and we strongly advise against trying this sort of stunt on your own. And another variation of the same crazy sport involves...

  • Wife returned from a trip earlier Survival of The Dumbest


    There are a lot of stories about husbands unexpectedly coming home a bit early one day and finding a little surprise when they get there. This time, it’s exactly the opposite. It was the wife who came...

  • The man was stuck between the bars Survival of The Dumbest


    You know, the rescue squad sees a lot of absurd things in the course of a day’s work, but this one, please, not on an empty stomach… The apartment owner had misplaced his key and had asked his friend ...

  • A man in a safe Survival of The Dumbest


    Now you don’t have to be drunk -- or an idiot -- to get yourself into situations like these, but it sure helps! For example, here a man has managed to lock himself into a metal safe with two bottles o...

  • Hot-blooded Romeo Survival of The Dumbest


    Here a hot-blooded Romeo wanted to surprise his new sweetheart. So he had a few drinks, climbed to the roof of her twelve-story apartment building and then jumped down onto her balcony.

  • Hole in The Wall Gang Survival of The Dumbest


    A young man got himself stuck in this literal hole in the wall.It took the rescuers quite a while to set him free. The brickwork was quite well done and took a lot of effort to undo. Finally, the worn...

  • Metal nut on, um, a very sensitive part ... Survival of The Dumbest


    The Rescue Service got a phone call from a urologist at a Moscow hospital requesting a crew with special equipment. But who had to be rescued, and from what? It turned out to be a fifty year-old man w...

  • The head between the two pipes Survival of The Dumbest


    A woman told her drunken husband to get out; the husband, either full of remorse or just feeling particularly lame, stuck his head between two pipes on the staircase landing outside their apartment. A...

  • Head of a man between balcony railing Survival of The Dumbest


    This young Einstein was trying to flirt with some girls walking under his balcony. He pushed it a little too far and promptly got his head stuck in the balcony railing. He’s drunk almost a liter of vo...

  • More freak accident Survival of The Dumbest


    This next piece refutes the old adage that you get wiser with age. An elderly woman decided to move some heavy pieces of furniture around her apartment by herself. When she didn’t answer her doorbell,...

  • The man got stuck and sat on the fence a... Survival of The Dumbest


    This next brainiac was going home late at night and decided to take a shortcut by climbing a fence. But he was either so drunk or just so awkward that his foot slipped and got stuck in there, several ...

  • The dog was stuck under the car Survival of The Dumbest


    A small dog spied a rat and gave chase. The dog was too excited to correctly estimate spatial dimensions, and when the rat dashed under a car, the dog followed suit and… promptly got stuck. His owner ...

  • A young man rescues dog from icy waters Survival of The Dumbest


    Young man happened to see a neglected dog out on the ice in a city pond. Its careless owner didn’t notice that the dog had wandered away and was walking on thin spring ice. The ice broke and the dog f...

  • Who is faster to drink 10 liters of juic... Survival of The Dumbest


    There are many different kinds of wagers, or bets out there, but naturally we’re only interested in the idiotic ones. Such as…This guy who’s bet his friends that he can drink ten liters of juice withi...

  • Drunk asleep on the roof roofer Survival of The Dumbest


    And here’s something you don’t see every day. That’s a guy hanging upside down from a roof. Asleep. We’re thinking one of two things happened here. Either he’s a really drunk roofer who just happened ...

  • ‘Fiery Jumper’ Survival of The Dumbest


    This guy, for example, decided to portray a Fiery Jumper. This is a character from Russian fairy tales—a blazing girl who appears from campfires, dances around and drives the good peasant folks crazy ...

  • Drunk plumber with his mistress in a str... Survival of The Dumbest


    This story began when an elderly lady called a plumber to fix her leaky faucet. Once he arrived, she left him alone in the apartment while she went out to do some shopping. When she came back, she fou...

  • The guy draws the attention of passers s... Survival of The Dumbest


    He figured that if he put on a little show he might finally get some attention. His big idea was to fall into the freezing river and wait for someone to rescue him. He managed to successfully fall ove...

  • Naked man rests in a pool under the brid... Survival of The Dumbest


    And speaking of the mentally addled and clothing impaired, one day, police found an incoherent naked man lying in a large puddle under a bridge. He was shivering and muttering unintelligibly to himsel...

  • A woman dances striptease on the road Survival of The Dumbest


    It's said that “Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue” well, if that's the case, this woman's about to have neither ornament nor virtue. It’s also said that “If ya got it, baby, ...

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