Theory of Catastrophes (22 clips)
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  • A gas explosion in Moscow on Victory Day Theory of Catastrophes


    It's the evening of May 9, 2009 and the people of Moscow are celebrating Victory Day. But no fireworks can match the fantastic spectacle taking place on the ground: Namely an enormous explosion, the ...

  • Catastrophe on the railway Theory of Catastrophes


    On the afternoon of July 26, 2008, two trains collide near St. Petersburg. Railway accidents tend to spike in Russia during the summertime, when more trains are pressed into service to accommodate peo...

  • Smoke in Moscow Theory of Catastrophes


    Moscow, it's the summer of 2002 and the city is coated with a thick haze of acrid black smoke. The smell is atrocious. The sun is barely visible in the mid day sky. Why? Because of a recent heatwave a...

  • Car accidents due to Smoke Theory of Catastrophes


    Summer peat fires not only destroyed houses but thick smoke from their fires was also responsible for decreased visibility on the roads, which in turn caused this seven car accident. Visibility was n...

  • A record flood in Lensk Theory of Catastrophes


    In 2001, due to a particularly cold winter, the Lena River had frozen almost all the way through. The ice at some places reached 25 to 30 feet thick, which was almost twice the norm. On the night of...

  • Massive flooding in southern Russia Theory of Catastrophes


    It was already a wet Spring in the southern Russian republic of Karachayevo-Cherkessia when a violent storm dumped a record breaking amount of rain on the region for three straight days in June of 200...

  • Hail in Nevinnomyssk Theory of Catastrophes


    And if all that water wasn't enough, Nevinnomyssk is again attacked from the sky! In just a few minutes, a short-lived but ferocious hail storm attacks the city with Pigeon-egg-sized hail balls, break...

  • Volcanic eruption in Kamchatka Theory of Catastrophes


    If Nevinnomyssk was suffering from too much water, authorities in Kamchatka were bracing for an onslaught of two of the other elements - earth and fire. Rescue squads had been on high alert for most ...

  • The strongest winter storm in the Black ... Theory of Catastrophes


    And like a really atrocious houseguest who shows up unannounced, overstays her welcome and leaves your place completely trashed, Hurricane Flora blew into the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk one day i...

  • Moscow, temperatures dropped to -40C Theory of Catastrophes


    In January of 2006, Muscovites could be forgiven for thinking they'd gone to sleep in their familiar city only to wake up the next morning in what felt like Antarctica. While heavily fortified resear...

  • Unusual snowy winter in southern Russia Theory of Catastrophes


    People in this southern Russian resort city had a similar, if less severe experience to their Moscow cousins. The same cold spell gave them a rare glimpse of winter, northern style. For the first time...

  • Terrorist seizes a bus filled with South... Theory of Catastrophes


    In October of 1995, an unknown terrorist seizes a bus filled with South Korean tourists near the Kremlin in Moscow. Armed with a pistol and a bomb, he demands $10 million and an airplane to make his ...

  • A woman tries to detonate a bomb at a re... Theory of Catastrophes


    This is a story of home grown terrorists targeting the area around the Kremlin in Moscow. Late night, a young woman had tried to enter a restaurant on a central Moscow street. Something about her beha...

  • Explosions in the Moscow Metro Theory of Catastrophes


    Moscow. Its August 8th, 2000, Rush hour, about two minutes to 6, in the crowded underground crossing of the Pushkinskaya subway station. Its packed with people on their way home from work when disa...

  • Criminal Acts in Vladivostok Theory of Catastrophes


    On uneventful Spring morning, Vladivostok police get a tip that three men suspected in a brutal armed attack on local Chinese merchants are thought to be hiding in a nearby apartment building. Police ...

  • The Chernobyl disaster Theory of Catastrophes


    Chernobyl nuclear plant. On the night of April 26th, 1986 there was a serious explosion at the 4th power unit of the plant. The explosion released an enormous amount of radiation into the air. To thi...

  • The tragedy at an air show in Levashovo Theory of Catastrophes


    It's June of 2001. And tragedy is in the air at the Levashovo Airfield near St. Petersburg. That morning, pilots of an elite squadron were preparing for an airshow performance. What they didn't know...

  • Aircraft crash in Perm Theory of Catastrophes


    September 15, 2008. A surveillance camera set up on the outskirts of the city of Perm captures the final seconds of the lives of the 87 passengers and crew members on a doomed airplane. The plane, en ...

  • Crash at an air show in France Theory of Catastrophes


    This grainy footage is from way back in 1973. That isn't the Concorde but the most recent Soviet-made airliner at the time taking off from the French airport of Le Bourget. At about 3600 feet, the air...

  • Plane crash Theory of Catastrophes


    Flash forward to August of 2008. This footage was shot using a cell phone camera just a few seconds after yet another disastrous plane crash. An airliner sends out a distress signal, then disappears f...

  • Football fans are routing the streets of... Theory of Catastrophes


    July 9th, 2002. If, somehow, youd forgotten how seriously most of the world takes its World Cup soccer (or football) matches, let this be a reminder of how not to make a little extra money. On July 9...

  • Fire in Ostankino Tower in Moscow Theory of Catastrophes


    Backtrack 8 years earlier to August of 2000 and another landmark Moscow fire. Overheated cables catch fire in the antenna section of the Ostankino (ah-STAN-keeno) TV tower, which, at 1772 feet, is the...

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