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  • Drunk dad falls on car in a ditch Wild & Crazy


    These guys arent winning any safe driver awards today! The kids are bouncing around without seatbelts and Dads drunk and driving erraticallyinto a ditch.

  • A bullfight gone bad Wild & Crazy


    A traditional Spanish bullfight is a mortal contest between man and bull. It usually lasts about two hours, and it usually winds up with a dead and bloodied animal. The public holds its breath as the ...

  • Kitten Trapped In Wall Wild & Crazy


    This Moscow woman called the rescue team in to save her tiny kitten who had - somehow - gotten into the wall in her apartment and had gotten stuck there. She can hear him mewling.

  • Funny scene with famous people and anima... Wild & Crazy


    Here, a famous Russian singer is attacked by an infatuated light. Usually, its just the fans hes gotta worry about. Here its the hardware too! It turns out theres a bit of truth to the old saying ...

  • Bears & Truck Seats Wild & Crazy


    And heres a story about bears and people coexisting, more or less. There are those brave and foolish souls among us who keep bears as pets, rather than, say, dogs or cats. But bear ownership does hav...

  • Dog stuck under concrete slabs Wild & Crazy


    This stray dog has spent two days stuck under these heavy concrete slabs. How he got in there is a bit of a mystery but the fact is hes dehydrated and clearly too weak to get out on his own.

  • Horse Flips Over Wild & Crazy


    A big New Years show in Moscow included a number of horses and riders. It nearly became one riders last performance! The shows going along fine until his horse takes a spectacular fall. Seemingly f...

  • Runaway Horses Wild & Crazy


    During a horse race, a driver has lost control of his team of horses and jumped off. The horses continue racing on their own. So, how to slow down a now riderless team of crazed horses? An 18 year old...

  • Kitten in Washer Wild & Crazy


    Apparently, the washing machine held a special allure for this little critter. Somehow, he climbed into the machine, squeezed his head through an impossibly tiny hole and promptly got stuck.

  • Such a Pig! Wild & Crazy


    Pigs are known to be very clever and it turns out this one has a stubborn streak about a mile wide and soon had nearly worn out her handlers and the programs staff who had struggled to get her to t...

  • Horse falls on Man Wild & Crazy


    Alexey is a Moscow businessman who's also an avid travelar. Not long ago, he set out on a journey through Argentina. Argentinean mountain horses are smaller than other breeds. They usually only weigh ...

  • Show bulls in the Spanish beach Wild & Crazy


    In many parts of Spain, traditional tourist entertainment on the beaches often includes a bull show. Though the locals guarantee the participants absolute safety, things can quickly get out of hand.

  • Nicaraguan Bullfighting Madness Wild & Crazy


    A Russian tourist visited a rodeo in Nicaragua and shot this footage. Here you can see a wild horse race and the taming of several enraged bulls all at pretty much the same time. According to the tour...

  • Horse falls on the rider during a perfor... Wild & Crazy


    During the opening of a theater festival in Moscow, one of the equine actors decides to go off script, with serious consequences. All of a sudden, the horse rears and falls on his unsuspecting rider.

  • The arrest of poachers in Samara Wild & Crazy


    During the autumn hunting season in Samara, poachers break the law nearly constantly. Though you need a hunting permit, most of the hunters checked dont seem to have one. Youd think the lack of a li...

  • Snake show in Thailand Wild & Crazy


    In Thailand, sometimes it seems you cant swing a dead cat without hitting an organized snake show. Generally, these are trained snakes that know what their doing.

  • Horseback Riding and fall from horse Wild & Crazy


    And this next section is for the horsey set. It turns out that one of the most important things about horseback riding is: learning how to fall off. It's gonna happen sooner or later. Sooner, it seems...

  • A hunting expedition Wild & Crazy


    A group of Hunters from Voronezh went on a hunting expedition using these little Niva cars. One of the cars got stuck in the snow. Instead of pulling the stranded car with the other car, the men tied ...

  • Horse Drags Rider In Snow Wild & Crazy


    This next incident took place during a horseriding competition in Saratov. A young woman falls off her horse, getting her leg caught in the stirrup in the process. She starts screaming hysterically fo...

  • Horse failed to hatch Wild & Crazy


    In Yekaterinburg, horseback riding is a favorite New Years Eve tradition. Here its nearly midnight, and there are just moments to go before the New Year begins. Thats when an incredible and - highl...

  • Fall from horse Wild & Crazy


    This next video should be made available to anyone who wants to go horseback riding without a helmet. Without one, this riders head wouldve looked more like a burst pi?ata spilling out gloopy gray p...

  • A young elk fell down into an open sewer... Wild & Crazy


    In a town in Western Russia, a young elk fell down into an open sewer. Fortunately, he didnt break anything. Unfortunately, hes stuck standing in, um, sewer material.

  • Circus bear loses control Wild & Crazy


    Before performing circus tricks with live animals in front of an audience, the tricks must be vetted by a special circus committee. Its pretty certain these performers and their bear from the Kazan c...

  • A day at the camel races Wild & Crazy


    How about a camel race? Despite their huge humps and awkward appearance, camels can be surprisingly fast. But, unlike horses, they are extremely cranky and will rarely miss a chance to throw off their...

  • Fire. Dog to the rescue! Wild & Crazy


    A small dog at a fire station decided hed lend a hand, or a snout as the case may be. Hes making a great show of innocently aiming the hose here and there and at everyone around and it really is fun...

  • Elk dancing on ice Wild & Crazy


    It appears that a bored elk decided, one day, to take up ice dancing. Or, more accurately, ice flailing around on four incredibly spindly looking legs. She doesnt seem to be enjoying this predicamen...

  • Performing with a goat Slava Za Minutu


    Circus the young woman and the goat. A trained goat dances with the woman, jumps over hir legs, plays a tambourine.

  • Bear came to visit the woman in the vill... Outrageous & Hilarious


    A woman in a village in Siberia was visited by some unexpected houseguests one day. These two cute bear cubs had gotten themselves lost. Theyd come into the village looking for food and now their exc...

  • The bear eats the seat of the truck Outrageous & Hilarious


    And heres another story about bears and people. There are those brave and foolish souls among us who keep bears as pets, rather than, say, dogs or cats. But bear ownership does have its pitfalls. Th...

  • Little she-bear want to try the taste of... Outrageous & Hilarious


    This little she-bear decided to get better acquainted with her owner. Hey, youre kinda tasty! He may wanna switch to some pet goldfish

  • Bear attacked a big pig puppet Outrageous & Hilarious


    Now, see that big pig puppet? Well, apparently the bear didnt like him much either!

  • Monkey did not like the visitor Outrageous & Hilarious


    Apparently these monkeys didnt like this guys face. So they tried to alter it.

  • The dog bites a drunk dancer Outrageous & Hilarious


    Its a known fact that dogs dont like drunk people. And often dont try to hide their aversion to alcohol

  • Dog bites a Russian producer of ass Outrageous & Hilarious


    A famous Russian producer was goosed I guess is the best way to put it, by a dog in Bavaria. Apparently, German dogs are still put off a little bit by the presence of Russians there Either that or he...

  • Dog helps firefighters Outrageous & Hilarious


    This next piece took place at a fire station. During a cleaning, a small dog decided hed help with the hose work. Hes making a great show of innocently aiming the hose here and there and at everyone...

  • The dog does not like cigarette smoke Outrageous & Hilarious


    And this little guy doesnt like smoking or drinking himself,but give him second-hand smoke any day of the week and hes a happy pooch.

  • A man and two dogs making love in a park Outrageous & Hilarious


    And a lazy spring day in the park with a man and his dog becomes something,well,lets just say the mood changes. Kids,you might wanna go see if there are any snacks in the kitchen.

  • Ostrich takes the boy's glasses Outrageous & Hilarious


    And here an ostrich decides that those glasses would look better on me!

  • Horseback zebra Outrageous & Hilarious


    And the lesson here is always wear a helmet when riding your pet zebra.

  • A boy rides on a dog Outrageous & Hilarious


    So now lets take a closer look at mans best friend. Honestly, can you imagine a cat ever agreeing to something like this?

  • The dog drops the host Outrageous & Hilarious


    This we threw in, well, because its funny.

  • The dog does not like windshield wipers Outrageous & Hilarious


    And just like people, some dogs can get, well, a little fixated on certain commonplace objects. Like windshield wipers, for example. Maybe these are made out of liver treats? Kind of hard to explain o...

  • Bear drunkard Outrageous & Hilarious


    It turns out that bears really like alcohol. Apparently, years ago, pectators at traveling gypsy shows were obliged to treat the performing bears to a drink But since those days, its gotten much har...

  • The dog forgot to jump on the competitio... Outrageous & Hilarious


    And who can resist an adorable little dog doing tricks. Dont forget to jump. Hey, those werent there this morning!!

  • Bear charges at a journalist The Most Shocking Videos-1


    A reporter from Samara TV is assigned to cover a story on bears in the traveling circus. She decides to give her report while standing next to a bear. As you can see, the animal starts out rather frie...

  • Tragic death of a bull fighter The Most Shocking Videos-1


    These unique shots were filmed during a Spanish bullfight. Here you can see that bullfighter is getting ready to fight. In a second, the bull will be released and the fight will begin. Suddenly, somet...

  • Mountain horse falls on her rider The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Alexey Volobaev, a businessman from Moscow, is an avid traveler.Not long ago, he set out on a journey through Argentina. Here hes on an Argentinean Mountain Horse going almost straight up the muddy h...

  • Circus horse falls on the actress on his... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    During the opening of a theater festival in Moscow, one of the equine actors decides to go off script, with serious consequences. The Circus Horse is led on stage. All of a sudden, he rears and falls ...

  • The whole truth about the crocodile bite The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The following happened during a performance on a crocodile farm in Thailand. At first this show went according to the script. The trainer lifted a crocodile and carried it around in a circle. Then sev...

  • The girl fell from a horse The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This accident took place at a horseriding competition in Saratov. A young woman falls off her horse, getting her leg caught in the stirrup. The horse dragged her for over 100 meters or about 300 feet.

  • Fall from a horse The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Serious horseback riders take their fair share of falls. Usually, this happens most often when the horse jumps over hurdles. Theres even an unwritten rule in some horsey circles that if you fall off ...

  • The dog was stuck under the car Survival of The Dumbest


    A small dog spied a rat and gave chase. The dog was too excited to correctly estimate spatial dimensions, and when the rat dashed under a car, the dog followed suit and promptly got stuck. His owner ...

  • A young man rescues dog from icy waters Survival of The Dumbest


    Young man happened to see a neglected dog out on the ice in a city pond. Its careless owner didnt notice that the dog had wandered away and was walking on thin spring ice. The ice broke and the dog f...

  • The scene After a successful fishing Wild & Crazy


    The scene is a camp by a river near Khanti-Mansiysk in Russia. After a day of successful fishing, a group of fishermen build a fire and sit down to eat. Turns out, however, there are some uninvited gu...

  • Keeping your balance on a horse can be e... Wild & Crazy


    Here we see that amateur riders can fall off just as elegantly as professionals. No animals were injured during the filming of this footage. Well, no horses were harmed here. I'm afraid we cann't say ...

  • A horse falls into a ditch Wild & Crazy


    Large animals often fall into gaps in the road, open sewers, and wells.Such was the case here. A horse falls into a ditch and can't get out. The girl who owns the horse starts calling for help. Virtu...

  • Russian rodeos Wild & Crazy


    Deep in Siberia in the town of Altay, a common local entertainment involves saddling a stallion while its galloping. Keep in mind that this is an extremely dangerous idea, and one the stallions don't ...

  • Bear news Wild & Crazy


    A reporter from Samara TV is assigned to cover a story on bears in the traveling circus. She decides to give her report while standing next to one of them. Something then makes him change his mind. ...

  • The dangerous game Wild & Crazy


    You can't be too careful around bears. A man is stupid enough to dangle his camera over the bear, who after a moment or two of this teasing, snatches it. While the camera owner and trainer try to get ...

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