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  • We decided to have a smoke Fool's Village


    Woman, man and sailor drinking tea. Woman comes out of the house, and peasant and sailor decided to smoke. Log in were started, cigarettes, pipe, tea samovar. Nakuru, so that the air hung the ax.

  • Shooter Fool's Village


    Woman took out the peas and cook decided to mush. A man decided to have fun, if you do not give a drink, you can spit peas, and then shoot a gun.

  • Icarus Fool's Village


    Woman kicks man out of the house and throws his suitcase. A guy decided to depart, he presented himself to a bird flew and fell from the roof. Woman and his sailor treated. Bear, too, decided to take ...

  • The Battle of Honey Fool's Village


    Sailor fishes with a rod in the well. Bear came and decided to eat honey from the hive, it drove sailor. Bear has decided to divert the man began to throw into the well of different fish. Bear again m...

  • Total Recall Fool's Village


    A man wakes up in the house all to break, and he was lying on the floor. Begins to remember what happened. They parted with the woman, the woman was gone. He took a whole shopping bag from a well with...

  • Tequila - boom Fool's Village


    A man goes out and sees the falling leaves and decides to sweep the yard and set fire to the foliage. Then his head came the idea that the leaves can be smoked. Then the bear brought to the peasant pa...

  • Execution Fool's Village


    Woman beats a frying pan and sailor man, deprives them of the bottle, hiding in the stove and left. The peasant and sailor decided to execute a woman and began to think of different ways of punishment...

  • Sailor's Prank Fool's Village


    Sailor comes to visit, the table laid, and they are gone. Before the eyes appear sailor scene of murder. Sailor decided to eat and drink. As a result, the hosts were found on the roof and fell to her ...

  • Hack of Flea Fool's Village


    Bear came to the honey, but his biting fleas. Woman sent for water guy who woke up with a hangover. After talking to the bear in the yard of a man infected with fleas, was all scratched, then decided ...

  • Custom house Fool's Village


    Woman had installed over the door of the border post with alarm, that sailor is not carried into the house brew. Sailor makes several attempts to smuggle booze, but a woman always carries out a thorou...

  • Dream of man Fool's Village


    Woman and a man sleeping, woman snores in his sleep. Peasant dreams of a beautiful girl, she sends him kisses and calling to him. The peasant erupted imagination, he is in a dream the love scenes.

  • Focuses man Fool's Village


    A man sitting at the table and eats fish. Sailor in the box sees the feast, and wants to join. But the code, he went into the house, the table was already empty. A man shows him a trick when he beat h...

  • To each his own Fool's Village


    A man wakes up with a hangover and a headache from trying to get a bottle to sober. Woman takes the bottle from him and struck him on the head with a frying pan. There comes a bear and tries to claim ...

  • Sad sack Fool's Village


    A man tries to fix chair, door, window, but until then he had not touched, everything comes into disrepair.

  • On the Hunt Fool's Village


    Woman escorts man to hunt, but as soon as man goes, he is trying to change with the sailors. The more a man walks in the woods, the larger the antlers.

  • Punishment Fool's Village


    A man sitting on the bed bound, and a woman destroys the moonshine, looking more and more places hidden bottles.

  • Telekinesis Fool's Village


    Woman puts the samovar, the man figured out how to play the woman. Tied to the samovar and a circle of rope. Woman sat down to drink tea, and man began to pull the rope. Then he began to move objects ...

  • Homecoming Fool's Village


    Woman came home, and there sitting at a table bear, the woman is frightened and runs out of the house. A man gets out from under the table and pulls out a brew. Woman calls for help sailor, but in the...

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