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  • To be happy only with a fat woman Windows


    Grigory decides that he can be happy only with a fat woman. All his three ex-wives were thin and bitchy. He thinks that fat women are kind. After the quarrel with his last wife in the studio he offers...

  • The precious cow in the studio Windows


    Guennadys mother-in-law has lost her village hut because of the fire. She moved to her daughter in the city together with her precious cow. Now the creature lives on the 9th floor balcony. Guennady i...

  • Cold showers Windows


    After a tour to Tibet Valentins wife became fond of cold showers etc. Since then the hot water is turned off and in winter the windows are opened. Her husband protests and visits his lover to have a ...

  • Sexual games Windows


    Maria is anxious about her husbands health. After 17 years of married life Boris went in for sexual games. For example, he makes her dance belly dance. Maria has read that such an overexcitation can ...

  • New job not dealing with porno in Israe... Windows


    Nadezhda is unhappy cause her husband is always absent. Hes a property-man of the crew and hes always at work. She prefers to change his quite good wages for his endearment. Mikhail doesnt underst...

  • Jeanne dArc Windows


    One girl is maniacally keen on the life & image of Jeanne dArc. Her mother even comes to the program asking the audience to help her & influence her daughter. She is wearing the costume and the armor...

  • Body armor Windows


    The man complains that his son is being beaten by wife for any slip. The son comes to the studio wearing body armor etc.He says he cant stand it anymore & asks wife to sign papers he needs for divorc...

  • The 'Tomb Raider' Windows


    It sounds absolutely crazy. These are awful things you. Just blood freezing, the "Tomb Raider".

  • The habits Windows


    At the moment the relationship between a man and a woman goes beyond flirtation, the lovers start to gradually change their attitude to a more serious one. The habits of the beloved they used to regar...

  • The wedding Windows


    To make one's wedding unforgettable, one can arrange it high in the mountains, or deep underwater, or even in the open space, but you as well can have it right here in this studio.

  • Dao of Love Windows


    Kirill is coming to madness or sexual dysfunction. His wife Lyuda studies Dao of Love & makes him fulfill acrobatic exercises in bed. Hes broken his finger. He cant stand it any more. Lyuda asks him...

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