Survival of The Dumbest (36 clips)
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  • Hot-blooded Romeo Survival of The Dumbest


    Here a hot-blooded Romeo wanted to surprise his new sweetheart. So he had a few drinks, climbed to the roof of her twelve-story apartment building and then jumped down onto her balcony.

  • The walking home Survival of The Dumbest


    A man claimed to be walking home from the library, deep in thought, when he smashed his head into a road sign. He staggered a moment, grabbed the sign for support and promptly fell, with it, into the ...

  • Hole in The Wall Gang Survival of The Dumbest


    A young man got himself stuck in this literal hole in the wall.It took the rescuers quite a while to set him free. The brickwork was quite well done and took a lot of effort to undo. Finally, the worn...

  • Metal nut on, um, a very sensitive part ... Survival of The Dumbest


    The Rescue Service got a phone call from a urologist at a Moscow hospital requesting a crew with special equipment. But who had to be rescued, and from what? It turned out to be a fifty year-old man w...

  • A young man stabbed a fence Survival of The Dumbest


    This story features a young man walking down the street after a five day bender. He was sipping on a can of vodka & lemon, perhaps trying to remember how the previous day had ended.

  • Freak accident Survival of The Dumbest


    Apparently this paragon of good judgment saw some change in a garbage can, stuck his head in there for reasons unknown, and got his head stuck in the trash can top. He seems to be saying that he wante...

  • Hand in washing machine Survival of The Dumbest


    This neat-freak of a woman has gotten her hand stuck inside a washing machine. Obsessed with keeping things clean, she wanted to thoroughly wash the insides of her machine. Anyway, she got her hand ho...

  • Head in garbage truck Survival of The Dumbest


    An experienced garbage truck driver was about to go home after his shift ended, but before he did, he decided to check one of the trucks hydraulic systems. Everything looked good, but the garbage man...

  • The head between the two pipes Survival of The Dumbest


    A woman told her drunken husband to get out; the husband, either full of remorse or just feeling particularly lame, stuck his head between two pipes on the staircase landing outside their apartment. A...

  • Woman's hand under the hood of a car Survival of The Dumbest


    One Sunday morning, a young husband and wife decided to visit the wifes parents, but the car started acting up. The husband asked his wife to help, since her hand was smaller than his. Well, her hand...

  • Head of a man between balcony railing Survival of The Dumbest


    This young Einstein was trying to flirt with some girls walking under his balcony. He pushed it a little too far and promptly got his head stuck in the balcony railing. Hes drunk almost a liter of vo...

  • Finger in garbage chute Survival of The Dumbest


    In this glamorous high-rise apartment building, this fetching young minx was taking out the garbage when her finger got caught, and at that very moment, the steel lid of the garbage chute decided to s...

  • A wannabe plumber Survival of The Dumbest


    Here a wannabe plumber had nearly completed the installation of a new toilet; but when the work was almost done, he somehow managed to get his hand stuck between the pipe and the wall. How he was able...

  • Paratroopers make a splash Survival of The Dumbest


    And now its time for Paratroopers gone wild. Paratrooper days a lot like fleet week wrapped into just one day. They play, they drink, they pass out. And thus ends our little piece about Paratroope...

  • More freak accident Survival of The Dumbest


    This next piece refutes the old adage that you get wiser with age. An elderly woman decided to move some heavy pieces of furniture around her apartment by herself. When she didnt answer her doorbell,...

  • More victims of their own stupidity Survival of The Dumbest


    A young man decided to impress his girlfriend. So far, so good. He hatched a plan to climb the tallest structure in town and once on top, loudly declare his love for the girl to the entire village. Af...

  • Woman's head was stuck between the bars Survival of The Dumbest


    A woman in a fetching purple track suit tried to climb over a fence at a railway station in order to get onto a commuter train without paying her fare. She done this several times before but today, so...

  • Girl stuck in the attic between the bars Survival of The Dumbest


    So the girls decided to bring up a picnic feast on the attic landing of an apartment building. And if you know your Winnie the Pooh, youll know what happened next! These slim girls managed to eat and...

  • Foot stuck in the window bars Survival of The Dumbest


    A young man called the Rescue Service and reported that hed somehow managed to get his foot stuck in a window railing. It happened when he was helping his friend climb up to a girls balcony.

  • The man got stuck and sat on the fence a... Survival of The Dumbest


    This next brainiac was going home late at night and decided to take a shortcut by climbing a fence. But he was either so drunk or just so awkward that his foot slipped and got stuck in there, several ...

  • Dissatisfied with the rescued women Survival of The Dumbest


    Some victims of their own stupidity dont always appreciate the help they receive. For example, behind this apartment door is a young woman who happens to be chained to a table, and feels compelled to...

  • Police found a bomb in a pond Survival of The Dumbest


    The third star of this story is this vintage World War 2 era bomb that they brought to the riverbank to do some wholesale fishing with. Happily, they were discovered and fled the scene before they cou...

  • The dog was stuck under the car Survival of The Dumbest


    A small dog spied a rat and gave chase. The dog was too excited to correctly estimate spatial dimensions, and when the rat dashed under a car, the dog followed suit and promptly got stuck. His owner ...

  • A young man rescues dog from icy waters Survival of The Dumbest


    Young man happened to see a neglected dog out on the ice in a city pond. Its careless owner didnt notice that the dog had wandered away and was walking on thin spring ice. The ice broke and the dog f...

  • Who is faster to drink 10 liters of juic... Survival of The Dumbest


    There are many different kinds of wagers, or bets out there, but naturally were only interested in the idiotic ones. Such asThis guy whos bet his friends that he can drink ten liters of juice withi...

  • Drunk asleep on the roof roofer Survival of The Dumbest


    And heres something you dont see every day. Thats a guy hanging upside down from a roof. Asleep. Were thinking one of two things happened here. Either hes a really drunk roofer who just happened ...

  • A man can not get from a telephone booth Survival of The Dumbest


    A boy wanted to call a girl from another city and tell her how much he loved her. Theyd met previously during several summer vacations. He went in to a small telephone booth to call her, and closed t...

  • Fiery Jumper Survival of The Dumbest


    This guy, for example, decided to portray a Fiery Jumper. This is a character from Russian fairy talesa blazing girl who appears from campfires, dances around and drives the good peasant folks crazy ...

  • Crazy extremals Survival of The Dumbest


    And heres another way to get an adrenaline rush. It too is very dangerous, and we strongly advise against trying this sort of stunt on your own. And another variation of the same crazy sport involves...

  • Wife returned from a trip earlier Survival of The Dumbest


    There are a lot of stories about husbands unexpectedly coming home a bit early one day and finding a little surprise when they get there. This time, its exactly the opposite. It was the wife who came...

  • Drunk plumber with his mistress in a str... Survival of The Dumbest


    This story began when an elderly lady called a plumber to fix her leaky faucet. Once he arrived, she left him alone in the apartment while she went out to do some shopping. When she came back, she fou...

  • The guy draws the attention of passers s... Survival of The Dumbest


    He figured that if he put on a little show he might finally get some attention. His big idea was to fall into the freezing river and wait for someone to rescue him. He managed to successfully fall ove...

  • Naked man rests in a pool under the brid... Survival of The Dumbest


    And speaking of the mentally addled and clothing impaired, one day, police found an incoherent naked man lying in a large puddle under a bridge. He was shivering and muttering unintelligibly to himsel...

  • The man was stuck between the bars Survival of The Dumbest


    You know, the rescue squad sees a lot of absurd things in the course of a days work, but this one, please, not on an empty stomach The apartment owner had misplaced his key and had asked his friend ...

  • A woman dances striptease on the road Survival of The Dumbest


    It's said that Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue well, if that's the case, this woman's about to have neither ornament nor virtue. Its also said that If ya got it, baby, ...

  • A man in a safe Survival of The Dumbest


    Now you dont have to be drunk -- or an idiot -- to get yourself into situations like these, but it sure helps! For example, here a man has managed to lock himself into a metal safe with two bottles o...

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